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Bright is a tourist town which has loads to offer everyone, from young to not so young.

In the summer month you can do the water sports like Swimming, Canoeing, Rafting and Kayaking.

The Ovens River has many spots were these activities are fun and relaxing, you can (if your game too) follow the River from Bright' Swimming Hole all the way down to Porepunkah, which can take you about 3 hours on a slow day or if the River is full and fast about 2 1/2 hours.

If your a boat enthusiast you could try Lake Buffalo, Rocky Valley Dam or Mt Beauty pondage. If water skiing is you choice then Lake Buffalo has facilities for this

National Parks 

Don't forget Bush walking and Hiking. There are many different lookouts close to town or you could take the drive up to Mt Buffalo National Park or the Alpine National Park both are just an easy drive from Bright.

Mt Buffalo also offers some great climbing and caving walks for those that know how.

Mt Buffalo now has free entry but the Chalet and its cafe are closed. Try taking a picnic with you and enjoy the whole day exploring.

Bike Riding  

The biggest attraction to Bright is the Cycling. The climate is ideal and you get great scenery as you go.

There are many different rides suitable for novices and the experienced rider. 

a short 10-km (round trip) is Bright to Porepunkah -sealed and mostly flat.

a short 10-km (round trip) Bright to Wandiligong. Depending on which way you go, you can have main road - gravel surface - dirt road

a 32-km (round trip) Bright to Buckland Valley, that to the bridge 

a 50-km (return trip) Bright to Harrietville 

a 60-km (return trip) Bright to Myrtelford which has the Rail Trail all the way

a 100-km (return trip) Bright to Myrtelford to Lake buffalo


For those fishermen and women there is loads of spots to go, you can bait and spin or fly fish. The best time is September to end of May. Or if you are not that good but have the taste for fish you could always go to the Fish Farm at Harrietville where you can fish and be guaranteed a fish 

Prospecting, Fossicking

Gold has been found in the hills and valleys in the Alpine area since the 1800's and a small amount can still be found if you know how and where to do it  

Other Attractions

There are many small towns in the area that make great day trips where you can find history, wineries, breweries, restaurants, and specialty shops - selling local produce. We would be happy to tell you were to go for the day trips.  



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